Pop Warner

The Pop Warner conference in North Orange County is the Orange Empire  Conference.

Pop Warner’s Orange Empire Conference has thousands of families  leave yearly.  Those families never return to the great sport of  football.  Those families leave football and cheer, and fail to return  because they have no options.  Now there is one: BEARS FAMILY  FOOTBALL & CHEER.

For those considering leaving Pop Warner’s Orange Empire  Conference, the following facts:

1. Integrity:  Pop Warner’s Orange Empire Conference  is the largest Pop Warner Conference to have a consistent issue with  theft and embezzlement by its adult volunteers.  Former Pop Warner  President Bobby Espinoza was convicted of embezzling moneys from a local Pop  Warner chapter and its youth players and youth cheerleaders.  But as  the Orange County Register documents, Espinoza was not prosecuted to the  fullest extent of the law.  Instead, Espinoza was given a promotion  by the Orange Empire Conference and elevated to the role of  Commissioner.  Moreover, Espinoza was given an award by Pop Warner’s  national governing body for “Volunteer of the Year.”  Orange County  Register article link is:  http://www.ocregister.com/news/espinoza-208118-orange-sherman.html

The Orange Empire Conference has also had its very own Treasurer embezzle  moneys from the conference and its affiliate chapters.  And while she has  left the organization, Espinoza remains as a Commissioner.

Obviously, there is a culture of greed that is not being corrected.

2. Weight restrictions: Pop Warner’s Orange Empire  Conference has the most confusing and restrictive weight limits of any youth  football association.

For example, in Pop Warner’s Orange Empire Conference, if your player is a  9-year-old weighing 115 lbs., your player will be playing in the Pee Wee  division.  In the Pee Wee division, your 9-year-old player not only plays  alongside 10-year-olds who also can weigh 115 lbs., but also 11-year-olds who  can weigh 115 lbs. If that is not enough, 12-year-olds can also play against  your 9-year-old.  And those 12-year-olds can turn 13 at the beginning of or  during the season!  That means by Pop Warner’s Orange Empire Conference  rules, a 9-year-old beginner would be playing against a 13-year-old player who  has played football for 5 years.  And any school administrator will attest  to the fact that the level a 13-year-old processes information and comprehends  football is night and day beyond the capacity of that 9-year-old.  But that  is the case in Pop Warner’s Orange Empire Conference: an antiquated and  confusingly complex system engineered to be a culprit in a beginning player’s  failure rate.

3. Scholastics: Pop Warner’s Orange Empire Conference  claims to honor scholastic achievement. Yet Junior All American’s OCJAAF is the  only conference that truly honors scholastic achievement for the present  players, as well as past players: giving a $1,000 scholarship to each chapter to  award to a former player who is a senior in high school and moving onto higher  education.

4. Diversity: Pop Warner’s Orange Empire Conference claims  diversity, but chapters routinely play chapters in neighboring associations and  cities.  And while drive time is a benefit, the diversity is a farce.   Indeed, it is Junior All American’s OCJAAF that has great diversity, with  chapters in both Orange and Los Angeles counties.

5. Competition: Pop Warner’s Orange Empire Conference  employs four (4) different levels of “play.” A D1, D2, D3, and now even a  D4.  They say it is to allow players to develop and mature.  However,  D1-D4 rules are so routinely evaded by adults who run teams and chapters and  officials at OEC are happy to look the other way that it is hardly fair or  beneficial to the players.  It also completely defeats the purpose of youth  football and cheer, which is to instill the values of healthy competition and  build upon a foundation of work ethic.  There are no “divisions” of  experience in Junior All American.  It values coaches who actively coach  players and cheerleaders and give them the tools to succeed.

Junior All American’s OCJAAF sends more alumni to Division 1 colleges on  football scholarships than any other Southern California youth football  organization.

6. Bounties: Pop Warner’s Orange Empire Conference is the  first large youth football association to be documented for a bounty pay for  play in a youth setting.  Pop Warner’s Orange Empire Conference and its  Tustin Cobra’s affiliate was documented to have violated every ethic of youth  sports and paid players to injure opposing players. This was such news that  ESPN’s Outside the Lines profiled the story and the Orange County Register once  more investigated and documented the occurrences in numerous front page stories.

Who investigated the Tustin chapter on behalf of the Orange Empire  Conference?  One Bobby Espinoza (see above).  Orange County Register  link:


7. Practices: Pop Warner’s Orange Empire Conference is the  only conference to mandate practices are only less than a month before children  who have never played football or cheered before have to participate in  games.  In a month, there is hardly time for coaches to properly teach  players and cheerleaders.  Junior All American’s OCJAAF allows for over a  month and a half of practice time before games begin.  Those extra two  weeks allows parents to go on vacation and allows players and cheerleaders to be  children and enjoy their summer vacation.  But most importantly, it allows  coaches the opportunity to coach players and cheerleaders properly and give them  the tools to succeed.

8. Playing time: Pop Warner’s Orange Empire Conference restricts playing  time to merely six (6) plays per game.  That means realistically, your  player could play a play in the first quarter, a play in the second quarter, two  plays in the third quarter, and two more in the final minutes of the game and  that is it.  In six (6) plays, how possibly can your player learn or get  better?

Junior All American’s OCJAAF affords every player at least a quarter of  playing action, giving your player the most opportunities to succeed and learn  the sport of football.

Over a thousand families leave Pop Warner’s Orange Empire  Conference and never cheer or play football again.  And it is no wonder  why.

Consider the beacon of youth football and cheer, and we welcome you  to a new Junior All American Football & Cheer organization.  We welcome  you to the Bears Family.