Pop Warner

Fullerton Pop Warner is a volunteer organization that is administered by well meaning volunteers with integrity. The facts and opinions below are not a reflection on Fullerton Pop Warner, its administration, its volunteers, or its parents.

This is about the Orange Empire Conference and the person amazingly tasked with its daily operations: Bobby Espinoza.

The Pop Warner conference in North Orange County is the Orange Empire  Conference.

The following facts:

1. Integrity:  Pop Warner’s Orange Empire Conference  is the largest Pop Warner Conference to have a consistent issue with  theft and embezzlement by its adult volunteers.  Former Pop Warner  President Bobby Espinoza was convicted of embezzling moneys from a local Pop  Warner chapter and its youth players and youth cheerleaders.  But as  the Orange County Register documents, Espinoza was not prosecuted to the  fullest extent of the law.  Instead, Espinoza was given a promotion  by the Orange Empire Conference and elevated to the role of  Commissioner.  Moreover, Espinoza was given an award by Pop Warner’s  national governing body for “Volunteer of the Year.”  Orange County  Register article link is:  http://www.ocregister.com/news/espinoza-208118-orange-sherman.html

The Orange Empire Conference has also had its very own Treasurer embezzle  moneys from the conference and its affiliate chapters.  And while she has  left the organization, Espinoza remains as a Commissioner.

Obviously, there is a culture of greed that is not being corrected.

2. Bounties: Pop Warner’s Orange Empire Conference is the  first large youth football association to be documented for a bounty pay for  play in a youth setting.  Pop Warner’s Orange Empire Conference and its  Tustin Cobra’s affiliate was documented to have violated every ethic of youth  sports and paid players to injure opposing players. This was such news that  ESPN’s Outside the Lines profiled the story and the Orange County Register once  more investigated and documented the occurrences in numerous front page stories.

Who investigated the Tustin chapter on behalf of the Orange Empire  Conference?  One Bobby Espinoza (see above).  Orange County Register  link:


3. Practices: Pop Warner’s Orange Empire Conference is the  only conference to mandate practices are only less than a month before children  who have never played football or cheered before have to participate in  games.  In a month, there is hardly time for coaches to properly teach  players and cheerleaders.  Junior All American’s OCJAAF allows for nearly two full months of practice time before games begin.  Those extra four  weeks allows parents to go on vacation and allows players and cheerleaders to be  children and enjoy their summer vacation.  But most importantly, it allows  coaches the opportunity to coach players and cheerleaders properly and give them  the tools to succeed.

Consider the beacon of youth football and cheer, and we welcome you  to a new Junior All American Football & Cheer organization.  We welcome  you to the Bears Family.